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some thoughts on Wrap #5

February 19, 2013

I’ve been working on this image for several days. First you may notice that this image is of the same object from Wrap #4, but from a different angle and with some added wrapping. I was very pleased with the look of wrap #4 but I tried to approach the new image without reference to the previous. I prefer to work this way so that I am able to process the image any way I see fit.

The second thing you may notice is this image was posted twice. After the initial posting I was not happy with the way the image looked, especially when compared with Wrap #4, so  I decided to re edit the image and I even referenced the previous image as a guide this time (so much for my “rule”). I think the second edit is better but I am still not happy with this image, not sure why. If I were to hang the piece I would need to revisit it but for now I’m going to leave it alone.

I am becoming more aggressive with my image altering with the new work. I am going beyond the digital clean up and moving more towards reconstruction of the images in order to produce the image as I imagine it. This is still subtle enough that you would not be able to tell unless looking at a side by side before and after, I do not want the images to look fake even though they are not totally true to life. The plan is to take this even further as the work progresses (think Andreas Gursky).

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