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The Price We Pay For Art

May 27, 2013

I recently returned to the abandoned shed to make some images. I had planned the trip all week and just before I left my sister in law offered to take me to see the new Star Trek movie. I had one hour to drive to the park, walk to the train bridge, then up the trail to the abandoned shed, photograph something meaningful, then retrace my steps back home. I was walking through some tall grass at one point remembering the hospital stay that a tick had caused me three years earlier.
I made my way to the shed and with little time to work I made  quick decisions about what I wanted to do and got to work. I spent a total of twenty minutes making images of three different wrappings. I only had five minutes to get back to the car so that I would be on time for the movie, so I hurried on my way back.
When I got home I put my gear in my office, grabbed a bite to eat and got in the car with my sister in law to leave for the movie. As I was driving toward the theatre I noticed something on my left arm, it was a tick. I removed it at the next stop light and thought nothing more of it. We went to the movie and enjoyed it very much.
Later at home, while processing one of the images, I looked down and saw four more ticks, three small ones and another big one. This really freaked me out and by the time I was done checking myself I had removed and killed about fifteen ticks, small and large.

I usually stay away from areas where I might have a tick jump on me, but the work I have been doing at this abandoned shed has really inspired me creatively. I do not know wether I will return or find a different way to get to that location but I am determined to continue with the work I am doing, ticks be damned.

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