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Can Art Exist In A Vacuum

March 27, 2014

The purpose of art, at its core, is communication. The initial inspiration that an artist feels is almost always personal. The first person that must be satisfied by a work of art must be the artist. Once art is produced the next logical step is to show it to the world. This is where most artists dilemma appears; how to get the work in front of an audience. The easiest way to do that is to upload images to a web site that accepts work to be featured, and there are plenty of sites that serve this purpose. The problem is that just uploading files does not guarantee that your work will be viewed. The artist must actively promote the work.
Most serious artists ultimate ambition is for gallery representation or at the very least to be included in shows. This can be a difficult goal to realize and I would guess a large amount of art work is in storage, lacking an outlet for display.
Recently I visited my local arts council to touch base as I have been interning with them since last August. I found out about an upcoming show that I could submit my work to while having a casual conversation with the director of the program. The moral of the story is that the most important factor in furthering an art career are the contacts.

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