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The Daily Image

October 12, 2019

I started this year, 2019, with the ambitious goal of posting one image per day on my blog. I had tried to start what is called a 365 project a couple of years ago but had to stop in March of that year due to my inability to organize my life around the project.

This brings me to my current success in this new project. I have tried to set aside specific times in which to capture my daily images and this works some of the time. I think what is different this time is that I have learned how to adapt to changing circumstances and make the photographs when the opportunity presents itself rather than trying to force a schedule on the project. On days were there are so many other things that need my attention I find small moments in which I can become creative.

My normal process is usually much slower than what I have been doing lately. Much of the recent work is captured relatively quickly. While this new approach may have some disadvantages and will probably not be my permanent mode of working going forward, I have produced quite a bit of worthwhile images using it.

I have been so pleased with this project so far that I am considering extending it beyond the end of the year indefinitely. My image blog would become a daily blog of pictures, but I am also imposing the restriction that I must feel that the images are of very good quality to be posted.

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